Our Mission

Contribute to our community by offering fun events at an affordable rate . Through our events, we hope to encourage people who are interested in developing a healthy lifestyle.

Super-Super Hero Groupon!


Take advantage of the Groupon promotion for the Super Hero 5K that is running for a very limited time.  You can register now for ONLY $20, a 56% savings.  This Groupon offer will only be available for the next 4 days.



Super Hero Run Updates and Registration

Super Hero RunAre you still pondering whether or not you want to be a super hero?  Don’t even think twice and leap into action.  Wash your cape and spandex suit.

Signup for the Super Hero Run and get ready to compete against numerous heroes and villains.  This race is a great event for the whole family and new events have been added to give everybody a shot at being a super hero or villain.

Register online now to take advantage of the savings for the early entry.

Update on Race 2 Cure Diabetes

diabetes find causes  and sceen for symptoms of type 1 or 2 prev

Please come out to support this very important cause.  This is the 3rd annual Race 2 Cure Diabetes and will certainly be the best ever.  Register now to receive a significant savings for the early entry.

A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to the American Diabetes Association.  In addition, I offer a free entry to the first 20 people to register for Team Diabetes for this race and future events that I host.  Please email me once your registration has been completed for the complementary entry.

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