Our Mission

Contribute to our community by offering fun events at an affordable rate . Through our events, we hope to encourage people who are interested in developing a healthy lifestyle.

Update – Run for EDS

Show Your Stripes: Run 4 EDS is around the corner. I hope you all are excited to support this great cause to help bring awareness about EDS and raise money for research.  Proceeds benefit the Center for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Alliance This race is still on Groupon: Run 4 EDS-Groupon Race 2 Cure Diabetes-Groupon In case some did not realize the race location changed to: Reach 11 Sports … Read More...

Super Hero Results

Thanks to everybody who participated in the race and helped with the organization.  We hope everybody had a great time! The results are available.

Congratulations to Alec Fillmore and Kiera DeLaurer who finished first and second. Alec ran a very impressive 17:52 and Kiera was the second overall finisher with a time of 20:32.


A Winner M1    A Winner F2

Check out our Facebook page for lots of photos from the race.

Update – Race 2 Cure Diabetes

Please come out to support this very important cause.  This is the 3rd annual Race 2 Cure Diabetes and will certainly be the best ever.  Register now to receive a significant savings for the early entry. A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to the American Diabetes Association.  In addition, I offer a free entry to the first 20 people to register for Team Diabetes for this race and … [Read More...]

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